Grand Marais Author News

On June 26, I attended a Writer’s Salon at Drury Lane Books in Grand Marais. The speaker was Lorna Landvik, the well-known Minnesota author of best sellers such as Patty Jane’s House of Curl, Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons, and her latest, Once in a Blue Moon Lodge. Ms. Landvik was extremely engaging and entertaining — I highly recommend that any book reader or writer attend one of her presentations if opportunity arises.

Meanwhile, two and a half blocks to the east, at Birchbark Books and Gifts, a somewhat less famous Minnesota author is now featured on the bookshelves.


Yep, that’s right — Birchbark is now selling books by yours truly! At the time of the photo, they were only carrying Snowman and Slice. They initially purchased 3 copies of each as a trial. When they actually sold some of the initial allotment (perhaps to their amazement), they purchased three additional copies of Snowman, five additional copies of Slice, and four copies of Lateral Hazard. Each of them is personally signed and adorned with stickers that read “Local Author” and “Author-Signed Copy.” I realize these sales numbers are pitifully small, and Lorna Landvik probably sold more than that in one hour at Drury Lane, but still … she doesn’t actually live in Grand Marais.

So perhaps I now qualify as a best-selling Grand Marais author of books physically sold in Grand Marais? What fun!