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My sixth mystery novel again features Trey Isherwood and the FYI team. Hal Greenspan, a longtime Grand Marais, MN, resident and experienced sailor, died in a tragic boating accident on Lake Superior. But was it really an accident? The authorities all say yes, but Hal’s niece, Layla, a beautiful college student, doesn’t think so. Three years after Hal’s death, she asks Trey to find the truth. Though the simmering attraction between Trey and Layla complicates matters, the FYI team dives into the case, even though all the evidence is long gone. Through interviews, high-tech surveillance, subterfuge, “forensic engineering,” and just plain good luck, they uncover new pieces of the puzzle. Trey’s fiancé, Sybil, returns from a lengthy absence just in time to help with the final, elusive details, leading to a thrilling conclusion. Grand Marais, Silver Bay, and the Kenwood-Isles neighborhood of Minneapolis lend local color to an engaging tale of mystery, romance, murder, and golf. ALBATROSS
In my fifth mystery novel, wealthy young idealist Trey Isherwood and FBI Special Agent Sybil Atwater head a new cast of complex characters. The story, set in Grand Marais and Minneapolis with a side trip to Canada, takes place during the summer of 2021 amid the challenges of Covid-19 and highway construction. As Trey and Sybil investigate the still-unsolved, though officially closed, case first portrayed in Dog Leg Left, matters are complicated by their developing professional and personal relationships, ultimately leading them into mortal danger. Mystery, romance, murder, and golf – the cornerstones of a Dave Saari novel – blend together seamlessly in this riveting tale. DOG LEG LEFT Front CoverMy fourth mystery novel again features rising-star golfer Samantha Williamson and her more-than-caddy, Terry Hatchett. The story finds Sam and Terry playing golf at Gunflint Hills in Grand Marais, MN, the last place they expected to be in the midst of her rookie LPGA season. A startling discovery in the rough on Gunflint’s par-four, dogleg left seventh hole launches the inseparable duo on another quixotic adventure when Sam is unable to ignore a case the Sheriff considers closed. Investigating on their own, Sam and Terry stumble into a tangled web of smuggling, drugs, and murder, with potentially fatal consequences. The book is set in Grand Marais, Silver Bay, and Baudette, MN, and also features worldwide LPGA tour locales. LATERAL HAZARD lulu-front-cover-artSamantha Williamson is taking a respite from her quest to become a star on the LPGA Tour, with a stint as an Assistant Professional at the Snake River Golf Club. She has the talent and the will to make it on tour, but an unexpected distraction – the handsome Snake River Pro – throws a monkey wrench into the works. Little did she know that her estranged father is the club chairman, or that his beautiful trophy wife would end up dead. When the Sheriff can’t solve her stepmother’s murder, Sam decides to investigate on her own, leading to disastrous consequences. This is a tale of lust, infidelity, blackmail, murder, revenge – and the redemptive power of love. SNOWMAN 1430305630 Matt Davidson, an underachieving golf bum and a somewhat nerdy engineer, inadvertently witnesses a shocking scene while playing golf, which launches him on an adventure that becomes an emotional roller coaster ride. Though unsure what to do or how to do it, he drops everything to help a stunningly beautiful woman he’s never even met. His clumsy efforts soon entangle him in a web of sex, fraud, and abuse that could end up costing him his life. Experience golf with Matt at some of Minnesota’s favorite courses, including Edinburgh USA, Rush Creek, Interlachen, and Superior National at Lutsen, as the story encompasses settings in Minneapolis / St. Paul and along Lake Superior’s beautiful North Shore. SLICE front-cover-art-smallMatt Davidson returns, having recovered from the emotional roller coaster ride of my debut novel, Snowman. With a new office, a new wife, and a new outlook, how could life get any better? But, once again, his passion for golf unwittingly leads him into a harrowing adventure as he becomes entangled in the seamy world of insurance fraud – with potentially fatal consequences. Experience golf with Matt at some of Minnesota’s favorite courses, including Victory Links, Bunker Hills, TPC of the Twin Cities, and Superior National at Lutsen, as the story encompasses settings in Minneapolis / St. Paul and along Lake Superior’s beautiful North Shore.